Howto make a turn

Select 1, 2 or 3 marbles using a mouse left button click

You can click again to deselect the marble.

You can select only marbles with your color (black for Player1 and white for Player2)

If you select marbles correctly, see Abalone rules for details, you can move them.

Press the Mouse Left Button and move it to the selected direction.

After releasing the button you will see the turn if it is possible.

Abalone game: select some marbles for the turn

If you push the marble outside the board you will see it in Player's info at the right of the screen

If you lost 6 marbles you loose the game

On the screen shot below Player1 loses one black marble, Player2 loses 2 white marbles

Abalone game: make a turn - some marbles are pushed outside the board