User Via Remote User Game Mode

This game uses TCPIP protocol to establish connection between computers.

You should discuss the game options with other player before starting the game.

If you want to act as Player1 (start the game, use black marbles) do the following:

go to Mode ->Game Mode

select User via User on Remote Computer

Deselect check box "Play as a server"

Enter the server IP Address in Line Editor

Hit "Ok"

If you want to play as a Player2 (white marbles) go to Mode->Game Mode

select User via User on Remote Computer

Select check box "Play as a server"

You will see your IP address below:

Player1 should use this IP address to initiate the game

Port value must be the same for both players

Both players must hit the OK button

Player2 (Server) will see the following screen

Player 1 will see the following screen:

After that it should hit the Start button to start the game

Player1 (Client) can also select the Board type before setting up the connection

In this case Player2 (Server) will see the new start position

Player2 has disabled start button - only Player1 can start the game

Player1 should made a turn in a normal way (see how to make a turn)

after that Player2 will made a turn

both players will see Disconnected status if they lost the connection